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What's New in Version 4.0?

Video and MP3
  • PhotoELF will now play the video clips that your digital camera produces!
  • You can also extract frames and save them as JPG's, edit and print them.
  • You will also be able to organize and rename your videos.
  • PhotoELF also supports playing MP3 files
  • Repeat Play, Sequential Play and Shuffle.

EXIF Reader and Editor
  • PhotoELF will now Retain, View and Edit EXIF Data inside your JPG and TIF files.

For exact details, see: Version History

Version 3.9 adds the following features to Version 3.1

(See Version History for specifics)

  • Printing
    • You may now Edit a picture in the Print Window (Color, Brightness, Gamma, etc
    • Advanced Cropping in the Print Window
    • Auto Size - Select 5 x 7 or any size you want and the picture becomes that instantly
    • Now Allows up to 144 pictures per page
    • Right Click a picture in the Print Window for a menu
    • Right Click a picture to apply a Calendar to the photo
  • Batch Editing
    • Batch Compression by filesize.
    • Batch Cropping (Very useful for handling hundreds of photos at a time)
    • Batch Edit: Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Color and Hue
    • Batch Advanced Rename Functions
    • Batch Set DPI (dots per inch)
    • New File Save options in Batch Advanced Save As...
  • Batch Printing
    • Select any number of photos for Batch Printing
    • Have PhotoELF print 1, 2, 3, 4, ... to a page until the list is done
    • You can select any number to print per page
    • Define your own template and tell PhotoELF to Batch Print your selected list
    • Automatically loads, lays out and prints each page.
    • Batch Print with Captions ON - Great for proof sheets.
  • New Fun Stuff Items in the Editor:
    • Double Expose 2 photos together
    • Create Photo Calendars
    • Create Huge Posters and Banners
    • Slice and Dice a Photo
    • Feature allows you to create huge posters
    • Slice a photo and print each slice on 1 sheet of paper
    • Then tape all the pieces together to make up to a 9 foot poster
    • Feature automatically prints the pages
  • Slide Show Changes:
    • Look in the Preferences, Slide Tab to change options
    • Randomize or Sequential order option
    • Optional Filename displayed in FILL and Slide show
    • Pictures smaller then screen are displayed at 100%
  • Photo Album Wizard Enhancements:
    • Autorun CD-ROM now works on all windows platforms.
    • Larger Window so it is easier to use
    • Click main picture to view it at 100% - Look in Options, Photo Tab for various behavior.
    • Select Font for entire album - OPTIONS - Font Tab
    • Select Italic, Bold and font size for story / caption
    • Story pops up when mouse is hovered over a thumbnail in the album menu
    • Security to prevent people from "Right Clicking" and saving your photos
  • File Management
    • My Stuff menu added to quickly access "My Pictures" and your favorite folders
    • PhotoELF now automatically detects "My Pictures" on XP machines
    • Right Hand file system can now view thumbnails
    • Select ALL Button added to LEFT and RIGHT File Systemts
    • Select ALL auto selects all files in a folder
    • My Stuff menu added to quickly access "My Pictures" and your favorite folders
    • Search and Find Feature - Finds Files and Photos on your hard drive
    • Create Text files of the contents of folder trees
  • Thumbnail Behavior:
    • Look In Preferences: "Thumbs Tab" to change Double Click Behavior
    • Double Clicking can load image into: Editor, Full Screen or Main Screen
  • Misc:
    • Sepia Effects now in the Editor
    • Fonts now load faster
    • Pictures smaller then the screen will now be displayed at 100% instead of being stretched
    • Up One Folder Button now retains position in parent folder
    • Batch Resize now has new options to control the resulting size of photos
    • Side By Side Photo Viewing at full screen.

Version 3.1 adds the following features to Version 3.0 (Released in April of 2002)

  • MASK Feature:
    • Apply Masks and Borders
    • Create your own Masks
    • Batch Apply Masks
    • Batch Apply Text and Watermarks
    • Add Masks in the Main Program, Editor and PPL
  • Print Window changes:
    • COLORED TEXT Now Available in the Print Window
    • Select Number of Rows and Columns
    • Better "Duplicate Photos" Function
    • Add Masks
  • Photo Album Wizard Changes:
    • Slide Show Feature
    • Add Music to Albums
    • Add Background Images
    • More Navigation Options
  • General Program Changes:
    • ALL New Color Picker (Easier to select colors)
    • Batch Rename Options added
    • Fill Mode and Slide Show is Now Full Screen
    • Enter Fill Mode and click through a folder of pics
    • Add and Remove Toolbar Buttons in Preferences

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