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Common Printer Problems

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Read the entire list below. One of the following will generally fix most printer problems or printer error messages:

Under normal operations, there will always be a slight delay after you click the "Send Page to Printer" Button in PhotoELF's Print Window.

A one minute delay is not uncommon on slower computers

This delay will be longer or shorter, depending on the following:
  • Number of Photos on the Page to be Printed
  • More Pictures = Longer Delay
  • Size of Each Photo in Pixels
  • If you have a slow computer
  • Amount of RAM (memory) in your Computer (more is better)
  • USB Cable versus Parallel Cable
    • USB Cables transmit data faster

Hard Drive Space:
  • Make sure your C: Drive has at least 500 megabytes Free
  • Print Spooler Files can approach 500 megabytes with many photos on a page
    1. Open "My Computer"
    2. Right Click your C: Drive
    3. Select "Properties"
    4. This will tell you how much free disk space you have
    5. Use "Disk Cleanup" to remove temporary files
    6. More Details on Disk Clean Up

Printer Drivers Out-Dated or Corrupted
Download New Drivers for Your Printer
  • Disconnect your Printer Cable
  • Uninstall your Printers Software
  • Re-Boot your computer
  • Re-install your Printers Software
  • Re-Connect the Printer Cable
  • Re-Boot

If you recently upgraded to a new Windows Version, your printer drivers need to be updated also. Each Printer has different drivers for all the different versions of Windows. Uninstall your printer, Re-boot, and then re-install your printer with the CD-ROM that came with your printer. This will install the drivers appropriate for your version of windows.

Download new drivers for your printer from your printers website: Click Here

Even if you just purchased your printer, it may have sat in a warehouse for over a year and your printers drivers are probably out-dated. Printer manufacturers update their Printer Drivers often and allow you to download them for free.

Finally, if problems still exist, Re-Install Windows.
  • All programs utilize Windows System Files. PhotoELF does, Your printer does.
  • Over time, System Files may be corrupted
  • Re-installing Windows, will not destroy your personal data
    • Re-Installing Windows will replace your System Files
    • This is a good thing.
    • You may find that re-installing Windows fixes a lot of other problems too

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