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I replaced my old computer with a new one. How do I get PhotoELF on the new computer?

There are 2 ways in which you can get photoelf onto your new computer:

Method 1)

The First method involves upgrading to the most current version of photoelf. Registered users can upgrade to the most current version (getting new features) and restore photoelf onto a new computer at the same time. There is a small cost associated with this method.

To Upgrade/Restore photoelf onto your new computer, do the following:

A) Using your new computer, visit the following page: Download Trial-Version Page and download and install the latest photoelf trial-version.

B) Then, visit the Upgrade Page and login as a registered user.

Once logged in, you will be presented with 3 purchase options.
  • CD-ROM
  • Upgrade / Restore Key
  • Upgrade Patch

Do NOT purchase the Upgrade Patch. Purchase the CD-ROM or the Upgrade / Restore Key. The patch will not work in your situation.

If you purchase the CD-ROM, it will be shipped to you.

If you purchase the Upgrade / Restore Key, and after you type in your credit card info, you will be taken to a receipt page where you can download the License Key that unlocks the PhotoELF Trial-Version. Download this Key and install it and the latest trial-version will be unlocked.

Method 2)

You can go to your old computer and make a backup copy and then install photoelf onto your new computer. For instructions to create a backup copy, visit: How to make a backup copy

Once you have a backup copy made of the appropriate files, you can re-install the version you purchased on your new computer.

Keep in mind that PhotoELF license agreement is: "you must purchase 1 license for each computer you wish to install photoelf". So if you wish to have photoelf installed on more than 1 computer, please purchase another license at: Order Page

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