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I purchased photoelf and all of a sudden, the Nag Screen Appears Again!

How can this happen?:

PhotoELF does not spontaneously return to the "nag" screen without something happening to cause it. Below you will find a list of the most common causes and a solution to fix it.

If you purchased the PhotoELF CD-ROM, and a "Nag Screen" appears when you enter PhotoELF, Then all you need to do is Re-Install PhotoELF using the CD-ROM and this will fix the problem. If you have purchased any Upgrade Patches, then re-install those patches after installing the CD.

(you do not need to read further on this page)

If you purchased the Download Version of PhotoELF:

If you recall when you purchased the PhotoELF License, you downloaded a file named: ELFkeyNNNN.exe (where NNNN is the version number)

This file is a small program, that installs the License KEY for you (there is no place to type in anything), you must install the KEY by double clicking the file named: ELFkeyNNNN.exe

If you just purchased, and have not installed this KEY yet, then all you need to do is install the KEY and the Nag Screen will go away.

If you have done this already and all was working fine and then suddenly the Nag Screen Returned... Then Keep reading:

PhotoELF does not spontaneously return to the Nag screen. Usually something has happened that has caused this.

Following is a description of the most common things that CAN cause this to happen and what you can do:

Cause 1:   If you upgraded your version of windows. (example: Win98 to WinXP) OR Re-installed Windows, this could unregister PhotoELF as many things get wiped out during this process.

Solution:     If this is the case in your situation, simply re-install the KEY, by double clicking the file: ELFkeyNNNN.exe and all will be well. See: Registering PhotoELF

Cause 2:   If your computer crashed and you had to re-install everything.

Solution:     In this case, all you would need to do, is re-install PhotoELF and the KEY from a back-up copy you made when you purchased and all will be well. See the following pages:

How do I restore PhotoELF if my computer ever crashes?
What files do I need to Back-Up?

If you did not make a back-up copy as described at: how to make a back up copy then you can visit the following page for instructions on how to Restore PhotoELF. Restoring PhotoELF will also give you an Upgrade to the latest version with new features: How to Restore PhotoELF

Cause 3: If you downloaded and installed a newer Trial-Version of PhotoELF.

If you have a licensed version of PhotoELF, and you go to the Public PhotoELF Download page and download and install PhotoELF's Trial-Version ON TOP OF your licensed version, you will be installing the TRIAL VERSION over your licensed version - Which has the NAG screen.

(That download page has a warning that registered users should not do this.)

The License KEY you purchased and Downloaded is Unique to the Trial-Version you had when you purchased and does not work on future downloads. This is pointed out in 4 locations during the purchase process:

- On the Purchase Page
- On the Receipt Page
- In the Receipt E-mail
- In the License KEY when you install it.

Solution: If you did do this: Then you need to uninstall the newer Trial-Version and perform a "Roll Back" Uninstall. Do NOT do a complete uninstall of PhotoELF, just a "Roll-Back" uninstall. (During the Uninstall process, you will be asked if you want to perform a "ROLL-BACK". Answer YES.

This will remove the newer version and replace your older version and all will be well.

If you are not asked if you want to perform a Roll-Back, then there was not a previous version to roll back to. And probably your computer had crashed and #2 above more then likely applies to your situation.

Cause 4: None of the above apply:

Solution: Something glitched on your computer and all you have to do is re-install the PhotoELF License KEY. If that does not solve it, then uninstall PhotoELF completely and then Re-Install PhotoELF using the back-up copy you made when you purchased.

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