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If I purchase the download version, instead of the CD-ROM, what files do I need to back-up?

Whenever you purchase "Downloadable" Soft goods, make a back-up copy, immediately, of everything you downloaded from that site. Doing so, will allow you to re-install should your computer crash or you upgrade your computer.

If you do not have the means or the knowledge to make a back-up copy, then you should purchase the CD-ROM version.

With PhotoELF Software, you will need to make a back-up copy of the following files:
  1. Back Up the Downloaded KEY
  2. Back up the "Self-Installing" Installation Program File.
You must keep your original "Trial-Version" install file as it will match your KEY. Future trial-version downloads will not match your Key. They are unique to each other.

These 2 files are named as follows, where 1234 is the version number that you originally downloaded:
  1. ELFkey1234.exe ( What you download when you purchase )
  2. PhotoELF-Install-1234.exe ( Trial-Version Install File )
If your computer ever needs to be restored, you now have a back up copy to re-install the program.

If You do NOT make Back-Up Copies:

We do NOT offer free replacements, but we will replace PhotoELF for a small fee. Please Read our Replacement Policy and Instructions

If the explaination above does not make sense to you, then you should purchase the CD-ROM.

More Info:

Backing up the C:\Program Files\PhotoELF Folder and its contents is NOT sufficient to restore PhotoELF in the event you need to restore your computer.

You need to use the Single, Self-Installing File: PhotoELF-Install-1234.exe (where: 1234 is the version) This File installs PhotoELF Properly on your Windows System.

The KEY, is the second file you need to backup, to "Unlock" the trial version.

Unsolicited Advice:

Create a folder on your hard drive and name it: Downloads.

Then, whenever you download anything from the internet, always save it to that folder. Always back-up that folder and you will be able to restore anything you download. FINALLY, Always test your back-up to make sure it will work when needed!

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